Florida Sales Tax Exemption

How to Claim Your Florida Sales-Tax Exemption

Claiming Your Florida Sales-Tax Exemption

Our address, 7801 NW 37th St, Doral, FL 33195-6503, is a sales tax-exempt address in the state of Florida. This means that items shipped to this address (to your U.S. Shipping Address) that are being exported (whose final destination is outside of the United States) are entitled to 0% Florida sales tax.

Trans-Express is not responsible for applying this tax exemption to your purchases. This should be done by your merchant (the store you are purchasing from) at checkout. If your merchant has charged you sales tax, you can request a refund for the sales tax amount by doing the following:

Claim your tax exemption:

Step 1: Click on our email template here.

Step 2: Email the letter to your merchant to claim your tax exemption.

If you are a merchant and a customer of yours is claiming this tax exemption, please refer to our Certificate of Freight Forwarding Agent and the Florida Department of Revenue’s list of Certified Freight-Forwarders for proof and additional information.

If you are a customer and have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please send us a ticket. Choose ‘Other’ as the main category and ‘Tax Exemption’ as the sub-category.

If you are a merchant and have questions, please call us at (305) 592-0839 or use the ‘Contact Us’ form at the bottom of our webpage www.transexpress.com.

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