Your Global P.O. Box Services

Upon arrival, your orders are inspected and prepared with proper documentation at our Global Logistics Center in Miami. Your packages are then shipped from our warehouse to your country where we take care of all customs procedures and then deliver them to your home.

Your complete name followed by your TransExpress Global P.O. Box Number
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7801 NW 37th Street
Doral, FL 33166-6503 USA
Tel. 305 592 0839

Automatic Customs Service: The service provides for all customs handling of packages. Duties and taxes are paid by the customer upon receipt.

Home Delivery: Our service guarantees the delivery of your packages to your home at no additional cost. Fees may apply to deliveries outside main cities.

DISPATCH USA Service: Upon request, TransExpress can pick-up merchandise at any location in the United States; additional cost apply.

Packaging Service: Sometimes it is necessary to protect your purchases with wooden crates for Global shipping (Ex. Plasma TVs shipped by stores in cardboard boxes should be protected with wooden crates); additional cost apply.

Online Access: Our customer service guarantees secure access to your account for shipping status information on your packages. For all issues you can always contact our customer service website:

Email alerts on shipments: Our system will automatically send out an email with any new information related to your packages in transit. Learn more.

Automatic US$100 insurance per shipment: Included with each shipment. Click here for more details.  

Access to Shopping: In American virtual catalogs via and

365/24/7 customer service: If you have any issues related to your shipments, visit us at Consult issues now.

Optional Tools

Additional Insurance of up to $2,500 - Learn more
Postal Address (USPS) in Miami: Contract a USPS postal box to handle your correspondence in the United States. Annual cost: $30  
Text Messages:
Now you can receive status reports on your packages via text messages to your cell phone for free. 

Your Miami address is our TransExpress address in the U.S. With your registration to an international P.O Box, you are guaranteed for the reception, handling, and shipment of your packages.
7801 NW 37th St
Doral, FL 33166-6503

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